Friday, July 9, 2010

Witch & Wizard

by James Patterson
Although they do not know it, Wisty and Whit Allgood have magical powers. Once they are arrested by the New Order, the teenagers realize they have powers that must be used to save the world from The One Who Is The One.
Personal Thoughts: Patterson's Witch & Wizard begins a new mystery series. I can't wait to read the next installment!

After Ever After

by Jordan Sonnenblick
Steven's and Jeffrey's stories continue in After Ever After. Jeffrey, now in the 8th grade, faces school, friends, and family, and constantly wants advice from his older brother Steven.

Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie

by Jordan Sonnenblick

Steven Alper, a typical eight-grader, spends his days playing the drums, dreaming about girls, and dealing with his parents and little brother. However, Steven's personal and family life change drastically when his younger brother, Jeffrey, is diagnosed with leukemia. Although devastated, Steven approaches this new challenge with humor and honesty.

Personal Thoughts: What a fantastic book! I was moved by Steven's loneliness once his family began to focus on Jeffrey's illness, understanding his feelings of hurt. Yet, I was amazed by his maturity.