Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Alchemyst

by Michael Scott

When Josh and Sophie, fifteen-year-old twins, take summer jobs in San Francisco, they have no idea they are about to become involved in a battle to save the world. Josh works for Nicholas Flamel, a bookseller, yet Josh soon discovers that Flamel is immortal and possesses the Codex, an ancient book that provides the secret of eternal youth and other spells. When John Dee steals the Codex and kidnaps Flamel's wife, Josh and Sophie inadvertently become involved in the situation. Their summer no longer involves working in San Francisco. They now must face golems, wereboars, and other creatures of the dark.

Personal Thoughts: What a fantastic read! Josh and Sophie's story is compelling, leaving me on the edge of my seat.

This is the first book in a series. If you enjoy The Alchemyst, read The Magician, and The Sorceress. Also, consider listening to Scott's books. The audiobooks are amazing!

Girlfriend Material

by Melissa Kantor

Kate can't wait for the summer. She plans to spend the time playing tennis and hanging out with her friend Laura. Suddenly, Kate's plans change, and she is headed to Cape Cod to spend the summer with her mother's friends. Kate's parents' marriage is in trouble, so her mother wants to spend the summer away from Salt Lake City. To make matters worse, Sarah, the daughter of the family in Cape Cod, doesn't want anything to do with Kate. How will Kate make it through the summer?

Personal Thoughts: Melissa Kantor's novel is one of the books selected to be on the Lone Star List for 2010-2011. I loved this book! While some readers will relate to Kate's situation, most readers will be surprised to discover how Kate handles her parents' marriage, the situation with Sarah, and the relationship with her mother.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


by Scott Westerfeld

What an incredible novel! The story and drawings are amazing.

Check out Scott Westerfeld's blog and view the trailer for this new novel.


by Ellen Potter

Being the fattest and smartest 7th grader proves to be difficult for Owen. Someone steals cookies from his lunch each day and his sister Caitlyn, a member of GWAB (Girls Who Are Boys) prefers to called Jeremy. Owen spends his days setting traps to catch the cookie-stealer and spends his nights building a machine that will allow his to view the past. Why is Owen so obsessed with the past? What is the significance of the book's title?

Personal Thoughts: What an incredibly entertaining read! Owen is a delightful character and his voice and sarcasm are right on target. Although the book is quite humorous , Potter incorporates compassion and life lessons throughout.

Ellen Potter's SLOB is on the 2010 and 2011 Texas Lone Star Reading List.

Box Out

by John Coy

When Liam becomes one of the only sophomores to play on the varsity basketball team, he is beyond excited! His excitement, however, begins to fade as he learns more about the team's coach. To begin with, the coach and other team members racially discriminate against one of the team's players. Also, the coach's mandatory prayer meetings cause Liam some concern. Needless to say, as Liam discovers more about the varsity team and its coach, he feels he must make a stand. Will he stand up for his beliefs? Will he make a difference?

Personal Thoughts: While this novel centers on the game of basketball, Coy addresses raises many concerns. Many readers will relate to Liam and his struggles. Great choice for fans of sports fiction!